Tmor-Da: Fieldwork data and Mapping of subjects and built forms based on zones

Published on (GMT) by YeeKee Ku
First hand-gathered data from Tmor-Da in the year 2016. Record mode: Single photos, diagrams, floor plans, hand-sketches, time-lapse photos and mapping of human activities. Each zone identified through the author's sensory points is the internal area of the settlement. Zone 1 is identifiable because the dwellers appear to loiter around the middle of the laneway as their communal space. Zone 2 is within an enclosed space, underneath the roof with a Chinese characters signboard, alike to a traditional gateway or temple. Zone 3 is at a cul-de-sac with visible red brick walls, half-destroyed. Zone 4 is extremely narrow and passive, but one morning, a monk disappeared from there. Zone 5 has a long and rather wide laneway with a man boiling eggs and sell there the whole day. Zone 6 is another cul-de-sac with a lady taking a shower in front of her home. Zone 7 has a spirit-house, underneath a widespread tree and hanging flower vase. Zone 8 overlooks the square and frames the view of a church. Zone 9 has a shop on both sides leading to the square, with another end towards Preah Sisowath Road. Zone 10 The square. An intersection between laneways, street and a small alleyway leading to the abandoned church. Zone 11 the abandoned church Zone 12 Zone 13 the new street Zone 14 Zone 15 the orphanage
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