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Online Heritage Resource Manager (OHRM) Datasets transformed to Research Object Crates as part of the Describo Collections Integration Project.

Posted on 2023-08-23 - 03:10


This collection aggregates and publishes datasets created by the Online Heritage Resource Manager (OHRM) as Research Object Crates (RO-Crate).

The project behind this work is creating a pathway to rehome valuable data from the OHRM to a tool called Describo Collections; a tool which is built on top of the Describo ecosystem of tools, components and services (

The outcomes of this project are two fold:

  1. To rescue and make available valuable datasets created with the OHRM; and
  2. To develop a modern tool for working with and extending these datasets in addition to creating new datasets.

Describo Collections is a modern, standards-based, highly configurable (per domain) and easy-to-use application for creating and managing cultural collections as RO-Crates. 

Who Will Benefit

The safe porting of data from the outgoing OHRM tool to Describo will enable HASS and Indigenous researchers to keep using valuable datasets.

The Partners

This work is happening in partnership with the Australian Research Data Commons and The University of Melbourne. The datasets are from the former eScholarship Research Centre at The University of Melbourne.

More information can be found at the ARDC website:

About the Datasets

The datasets in this collection are provided as Research Object Crates (RO-Crate). An RO-Crate is a method of aggregating and describing research data with associated metadata. See the RO-Crate specification ( for more information.

Describo is an ecosystem of tools, components and services for working with RO-Crates. To find out more about the project see the Describo website (

The structure of each of the datasets is as follows:

* There is a file `ro-crate-metadata.json` in the root that contains the RO-Crate metadata.

* If the datasets contain images, there will be a folder `objects` that contains the content (digital objects) in the dataset that have been described in the metadata;

* Each dataset will also have an `ohrm` folder in the root with a `data` folder that contains the original Microsoft Access datafiles and a `web/sql` folder which contains the PostgreSQL version of the Microsoft  Access data.

Authors vs Contributors

A special note is made here about the contributors to the datasets being listed here as Authors. Unfortuntately it seems that figshare does not support additional metadata fields like contributors so all relevant people have been listed as authors. This distinction exists in the RO-Crate Metadata where every effort has been made to listed the people and their roles correctly.

Working with the datasets

  1. To work with a dataset download the zip file to your computer and unzip it.
  2. Open up Describo Web ( in Google Chrome (see here for more information about this tool).
  3. Select that folder in the section titled "Select a folder of data to describe" in Describo Web.

More information about Describo and RO-Crate can be found in the 5 minute tutorial.

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