University of Melbourne


  • Understanding and exploiting cell signalling convergence nodes and pathway cross-talk in malignant brain cancer
  • Extracellular vesicles and their role in glioblastoma
  • Toward precision immunotherapy using multiplex immunohistochemistry and in silico methods to define the tumor immune microenvironment.
  • IL-10 in glioma.
  • Cell signaling activation and extracellular matrix remodeling underpin glioma tumor microenvironment heterogeneity and organization.
  • Repurposing FDA-approved drugs as inhibitors of therapy-induced invadopodia activity in glioblastoma cells.
  • Spatial analysis of the metastatic brain tumor immune and extracellular matrix microenvironment
  • Discovery of NRG1-VII: a novel myeloid-derived class of NRG1 isoforms

Samuel Widodo's public data