• Teachers application of arts rich practice: Visual arts and drama professional learning interventions
  • Mentoring teachers as artists in communities of practice: immersive models of professional learning in the arts
  • 'Aliens with Einstein Heads': Creative Storytelling Partnerships between Child, Author and Artist
  • Learning in and through the Visual Arts
  • Integrating the Arts
  • Making Visual Arts Learning Visible in Generalist Elementary School Classrooms
  • Artworks in Residence: Semiosis, transmediation and ZPD
  • Artful experience in the gallery: Weaving together being-doing-knowing
  • Entering the liminal through the side door: A Child + Adult Art Response Project as a portal for student voice and deep thinking
  • Narrative inquiry, pedagogical tact and the gallery educator
  • Valuing the Visual Arts
  • Learning in and through the visual arts
  • Integrating the Arts: A Warm Bed for Student Learning
  • Encounters with engaging pedagogy: Arts education for the pre-service primary generalist
  • Learning to use another pair of eyes: The story of a doctoral journey investigating art rich picturebooks
  • Magical encounters with 'art rich' picturebooks
  • Integrating the Arts
  • Gallery Educator Talk and Student Engagement

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