Debaditya Acharya

PhD scholar
Australia, Melbourne
Debaditya is pursuing Doctor of Philosophy at the University of Melbourne, Australia. He has worked in the field of object tracking and positioning in indoor environments, using computer vision and deep learning. His current research topic is visual sensing for indoor positioning, which aims at the development of an infrastructure-free indoor positioning technology that is suitable for mass implementation. Formerly, he has worked in the domains of geoinformatics, remote sensing, image processing, synthetic aperture RADAR (SAR) and digital photogrammetry. His research works are published in international peer-reviewed journals and international conferences. His current project involvement is modelling the Royal Exhibition Building using LiDAR data, under the University of Melbourne MSE2025 project. He is involved with another project for creating a benchmark dataset for comparing the errors of 3D modelling from point cloud data, resulting in the ISPRS benchmark for indoor modelling.