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Alternatives to Coercion in Mental Health Settings: A Literature Review

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This systematic literature review examines empirical research on efforts to reduce, end and prevent coercion in the mental health context, whether in hospitals in high-income countries, or in family homes and remote communities in rural parts of low- and mlddle-income countries. We will use the term, 'persons with mental health conditions or psychosocial disabilities', as adopted in the aforementioned Human Rights Council Resolution.

We have sought to undertake a comprehensive review of the scholarly research drawn from a range of different disciplinary backgrounds and experiences. However, the review cannot claim to be exhaustive. For example, time and language limitations prevented a more expansive inquiry. Indeed, we recommend that a more expansive inquiry is required to uncover empirical research and exploratory reports of progressive efforts, particularly in non-English-speaking regions. Nevertheless, this review encompasses 169 studies from many parts of the world (including 48 reviews and notable grey literature reports), offering valuable insights into the state of research on finding alternatives to reduce, end and prevent coercion of people with mental health conditions and psychosocial disabilities. 


Office of the High Commission of Human Rights