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Working with sensitive data and on secure environments: Presentation given as part of the MDAP Panel Series

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posted on 11.11.2021, 02:21 by Kristal SpreadboroughKristal Spreadborough
This is a recording of my (Kristal Spreadborough) talk given as part of the Melbourne Data Analytics Platform Panel Series “Interdisciplinary data-intensive research: Working with and embracing complexity”

This Panel was on the topic of “Working with sensitive data and on secure environments”

Thursday 28 October 2021, 1.30 PM – 3 PM AEDT, Held Via Zoom
More information at:

Chair: Dr Helena Lynn - Panelists: Professor Dougie Boyle, Professor Abigail Payne, Dr Kristal Spreadborough

DOI for Kristal Spreadborough's part of the presentation: 10.26188/16985689
Kristal Spreadborough's ORCID 0000-0002-7022-3213


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