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Old timer: Assessing the circadian clock's role in wheat senescence - VYT 2021

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posted on 26.08.2021, 06:28 by Christopher BuckleyChristopher Buckley
In this presentation, prepared for the University of Melbourne's 2021 'Visualise Your Thesis' competition, I provide an overview of my research on the wheat circadian clock. Circadian clocks are biological timing mechanisms which help to synchronise internal processes with external environmental cycles. The process of ageing in plants (known as senescence) has been increasingly linked to the clock's control. Senescence is particularly important for crop plants, such as wheat, because nutrients from senescing leaves are redirected to developing grains. My project aims to identify the underlying genetic mechanisms that enable the clock to control senescence. By altering these genetic mechanisms, it might become possible to adjust the timing of senescence, with implications for grain yield and quality.


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