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posted on 09.05.2022, 06:35 by Caitlin LamontCaitlin Lamont

This is a video summarising my thesis.

The Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership is responsible for implementing professional standards for teachers. In this study I examined the Lead level Standards to ascertain possible alignment with practices of middle curriculum leaders in secondary schools in Melbourne, Australia. Through this examination, an understanding of the Lead Standards fitness for purpose can be drawn. I interviewed ten middle curriculum leaders with various curriculum responsibilities from six Catholic and independent school settings in Melbourne, Victoria. I found that curriculum leadership practices aligned closely to Standards 2, 3, and 6 as these Standards broadly detail curriculum development activities. Practices discussed by participants which did not align closely with the Standards were collaboration and management of staff, suggesting that there are gaps within Standard where leadership actions are not addressed, but rather actions to promote quality teaching. The middle leadership work was shown to be context sensitive and context responsive, with significant possibility to impact on student learning.