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ePortfolios BootCamp Introduction Webinar 2022

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posted on 18.07.2022, 02:54 authored by Thomas CochraneThomas Cochrane, Kate MitchellKate Mitchell

Intro Webinar (Monday 18th July 2022) 1hr 10am-11am

  1. Thom intro: Why & What: Enabling Life Long Learning, Creativity and Process, Feedback Loops, Ontological Pedagogies – what the student does and becomes. Social Constructivism, CoP, CoI, EoR, AL, Rhizomatic, Connectivism, SRL, SDL, UGC, UGCX, WIL (40mins),
  2. ePortfolio design pedagogy and practice (Kate Mitchel & Team)
  3. Introduction to the LE ePortfolio Team (Kate Mitchel & Team) – Who can help with What (20mins)