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Understanding how Alzheimer's Work: Structural Investigation of copper binding in N-truncated Amyloid-beta using X-ray absorption Fine Structure.

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posted on 12.10.2020 by Ruwini Ekanayake
2020 University of Melbourne Visulaizing Your Thesis Entry by Ruwini Ekanayake.

This reseach work reveals the stucture of Cu(II) binding site in N-truncated Amyloid-beta (4-9,12,16) peptide. Xray absorption spectroscopy of Cu(II) Amyloid-beta (4-9,12,16) peptides under electrochemical contron allowed to explore the redox properties of copper ion in the peptide. The reduction of Cu(II) in to Cu(I) is significantly enhanced by involvement of bis-his (H13H14) binding motif.