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Immersive Reality BootCamp Introduction Webinar

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posted on 21.06.2022, 00:38 authored by Thomas CochraneThomas Cochrane


Immersive learning environments cover virtual CAVEs, desktop computing environments, tethered and mobile head mounted displays, as well as augmented reality glasses and mobile smartphone based implementations. Immersive learning environments can also be enhanced through the use of positional, haptic, and biometric feedback. This is a rapidly developing technology, and policy makers need to be informed of where the technology is headed, what are the best current options, and how best to meet educational goals through the investment in the design of learning environments that utilise these technologies (Walker, Jenkins, & Voce, 2018). This showcase explores the applications of immersive reality to higher education contexts – in particular Clinical Health, and High Risk Informal Learning Environments from participants in the MESH360 and SOTEL Research Groups. The Bootcamp will include two F2F workshop options: exploring the potential of HMD XR, and exploring the potential of immersive cave environments.

Introductory Webinar Notes: