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Research procedure

posted on 12.07.2020, 10:26 by Yee Kee Ku, YeeKee Ku, YEE KEE KU
One of the novelties of this PhD is the testing of fieldwork findings using agent-based models to omit researchers' biases. A systematic empirical procedure was devised based on these stages: 1. Fieldwork observation 2. Fieldwork findings as assumptions 3. Formulate testing 4. Testing 5. Evaluation.

Empirical evidence: 1. Attentive recordings of ethnographic observations on humans spatial behaviours (as subjects) 2. Traces of built forms change with constructed urban morphology from historical maps (as context) These empirical pieces of evidence are analysed quantitatively and qualitatively. They also serve as null hypotheses to evaluate the results from testings done on agent-based models.



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