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Supplementary Figure 1 for Manuscript entitled Impact of tidal volume strategy at birth on initiating lung injury in preterm lambs

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posted on 2023-09-01, 03:58 authored by DAVID TINGAYDAVID TINGAY, Arun SettArun Sett

Supplemental Figure S1. Relative aeration (region of interest aeration as a fraction of whole lung aeration expressed as a ratio to the anatomical contribution of that lung region to whole lung size) for the A. right, B. central third, C. non-gravity dependent (ventral) third and D. dependent (dorsal) third during 15 minutes of ventilation with VTstatic (grey circles), VTinc (white circles) or VTalt (black circles) strategies. A value of 1.0 represents uniform aeration within the lung relative to anatomical size of each lung region, a value >1.0 represents relative over-aeration in that region and a value <1.0 relative under-aeration. Data presented as mean ± standard deviation. Unidirectional error bars used to aid visualisation.


Lung protective strategies to address the flow and pressure consequences of mechanotransduction after preterm birth

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Optimising respiratory care of the preterm infant using regional volumetric strategies

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