Supplemenatry Figure 1.tif

Individual lamb data on vital parameters (A) (dotted line: heart rate, striped line: pre ductal saturation, continuous line: post ductal saturation, circles: arterial blood pressure), change (delta) EELI (B), ventilation distribution (C) and phase angle difference (D) for the lung regions ventral-left (dark grey), ventral-right (black), dorsal-left (light grey) and dorsal-right (middle grey) in ten HFOV ventilated (oscillator frequency = 10 Hz) preterm lambs. t -1, t -15 and t -30 min prior to onset of a left-sided pneumothorax (dashed vertical line).

Abbreviations: ABG: arterial blood gas, ABP: arterial blood pressure, EELI: end expiratory lung impedance.