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Isovist and visibility graph analysis in three public primary schoolyards in Riyadh

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posted on 10.01.2022, 22:16 by Qusai AnteetQusai Anteet
The research investigates socio-spatial practices in Saudi public primary schools. I use depthmapx software to generate “Visibility Graph Analysis” (Al-Sayed, 2018) and isovist maps (Benedikt, 1979). VGA heat maps demonstrate a gradation of colours from the most exposed areas to the most unexposed zones (Al-Sayed, 2018). VGA deals only with the floor plans (spatial arrangements) but not the way subjects and agents organise themselves spatially. Therefore, the fields of vision (isovist) are employed to observe and record locations of agents who control the school spaces. Isovist shadows visible schoolyard spaces from identified points or paths (Benedikt, 1979) where teachers, staff, and CCTV organise themselves spatially to cover visually.

The maps derive from a PhD study concerned with the alignment of learning environments, architectural programming/briefing, and educational aspirations in Saudi Arabian public primary schools. The research is undertaken at the University of Melbourne. All research activities were approved by the Saudi Ministry of Education and have adhered to the ethical approval protocols by the Human Research Ethics Committee of The University of Melbourne (Ethics ID: 1852874.1).


King Saud University