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Design principles for university campuses based on the concept of ‘Place’

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posted on 28.10.2019, 03:42 by Qusai Anteet
An analysis framework of the ‘sense of place’ based on the dimensions of place (Canter, 1997; Hashemnezhad, Heidari, & Hoseini, 2013; Jorgensen & Stedman, 2001): The emotional dimension (meaning), the behavioural dimensions (function) and the cognitive dimension (form/space).

The study suggests six design principles for making ‘place’ on a campus: Sharing and participation, academic and non-academic, sticky campus, contrast from context, connectivity and reflecting university identity.

The proposed design principles are part of a completed MArch thesis in 2017 entitled “making a ‘place’ on a satellite campus”. The thesis applied the theory of ‘place’ and ‘placemaking’ for making a student hub on a satellite campus.


King Saud University