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City Research and Innovation Agenda Bridge

posted on 10.11.2022, 03:29 authored by Zahra AssarkhanikiZahra Assarkhaniki, CATHY OKECATHY OKE, Brenna Walsh, Ben Jance, Dennis Pamlin, Andy Deacon

The link is to an interactive graph representing the City Research and Innovation Bridge. The City Research and Innovation Bridge links core human needs from  Need-Based Climate Innovation Framework (NCF) to the priority R&I gaps that local practitioners face, connects these agendas and the city journey  – and uncovering the policy levers that can enable action. For the first time, the Bridge demonstrates the simultaneous pursuit of core human needs, ambitious climate action, and R&I priorities at city level.    

Dataset to create the graph can be found here:

City Research and Innovation Agenda Bridge ( 


Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy


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