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Victorian Cerebral Palsy Register

posted on 25.06.2020, 05:26 by Melbourne Academic Centre for Health (MACH)
The Victorian Cerebral Palsy Register collects information on people with cerebral palsy, born or living in the Australian state of Victoria since 1970. The Register was founded by Professor Dinah Reddihough in 1987 and is now one of the largest geographically-defined cerebral palsy registers in the world, holding information on over 5200 individuals with cerebral palsy. Information collected on individuals includes demographic information, birth details, known or apparent causes, type and severity of the cerebral palsy and any associated impairments.


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Royal Children's Hospital

Unit name

Neurodisability and Rehabilitation

Principal contact name

Dinah Reddihough

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Yes. Data shared with national CP register.

Number of people/participants

6,000 +

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  • Clinical
  • Research

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The dataset is primarily used for epidemiological research but also acts as a sampling frame for clinical and other research.

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Diagnostic database/databank

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