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Surveillance of Adverse Events Following Vaccination in the Community

posted on 25.06.2020, 05:29 by Melbourne Academic Centre for Health (MACH)
Surveillance of Adverse Events Following Vaccination In the Community (SAEFVIC) based in Murdoch Children's Research Institute (MCRI), is the central reporting service in Victoria for any significant adverse events following immunisations (AEFI).


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Murdoch Children's Research Institute

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A/Prof Nigel Crawford

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Reports sent to Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). De-identified reports sent to the Victorian Department of Health, Immunisation section. Discussion of individual cases at national level - in collaboration with the TGA.

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  • Clinical
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SAEFVIC offers integrated clinical services post reported AEFI including patient follow up and immunisation outcomes. Data from the database is used for surveillance and signal detection, addressing vaccine safety, education and analysed for vaccine safety related publications.

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Predominantly a passive surveillance system, SAEFVIC reports are received on an ongoing daily basis and soon to be integrated with active surveillance systems on a national level.


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