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Min Temp of Coldest Month raster layer - southeastern, Australia

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Max Temp of Coldest Month (Bio06) raster for southeastern Australia.

Input file used to model the species distributions of 40 reptile species in Victoria, Australia.

File obtained from the WorldClim (https://worldclim.org/) version 2 database, at a spatial resolution of ~1 km2
Cell size - 250 x 250
Original file has been clipped to southeastern Australia.
Methods used to generate the input files and perform modelling are outlined in the methods section of the abovementioned publication.

Citation -
Fick, S.E. and Hijmans, R.J. (2017), WorldClim 2: new 1-km spatial resolution climate surfaces for global land areas. Int. J. Climatol, 37: 4302-4315.


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