Helicobacter pylori SAMN06173313 reads

2017-07-03T05:17:03Z (GMT) by RYAN WICK
This is a sample read set for use in Unicycler. It is linked to in the Unicycler README so people who install Unicycler can get a small read set to make sure the program works.

The files contain Illumina and PacBio reads from Helicobacter pylori biosample SAMN06173313. The SRA run accessions are SRR5413256 and SRR5413257. These files do not contain the full set of reads from these run. Rather, they have been subsampled down to create smaller files, easier to download. The PacBio reads were subsampled based on quality and are a high-quality subset of the original reads.

The Helicobacter pylori genome is small and simple. It has only two copies of the RNA operon and no other large repeats, making it very easy to assemble compared to most bacterial genomes.