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Euclidean nearest neighbour (mean) raster layer, Victoria, Australia

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Euclidean nearest neighbour (mean) raster Victoria, Australia

Input file used to model the species distributions of 40 reptile species in Victoria, Australia.
Cell size - 250 x 250
Original map of land cover types for Victoria obtained DataVic website. The original layer included 15 land cover classes. These were reclassified into five classes - cropping, grazing pasture, native vegetation, plantation forests and other.
FRAGSTATS (v4.2, McGarigal et al 2012) was used to perform moving window analysis on the edited file to calculate Euclidean Nearest Neighbour (mean). Further details of methods used to generate the input files and perform modelling are outlined in the methods section of the publication.

Original dataset -
Victorian Land Cover Mapping 2016
DOI - 10.26279/5b98592d6b27d