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EPiC database - Cement mortar

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posted on 20.11.2019 by Robert Crawford, André Stephan, Fabian Prideaux
This material is part of the free Environmental Performance in Construction (EPiC) Database. The EPiC Database contains embodied environmental flow coefficients for 250+ construction materials using a comprehensive hybrid life cycle inventory approach.

Cement mortar contains Portland cement, sand and hydrated lime. It is used as a bonding layer for bricks, masonry blocks and stonework.

It is generally available in bags (usually up to 20 kg) and is mixed with water on site to form a highly workable paste. Once cured, it becomes hard but is designed to be weaker than the masonry elements it is used with.

A range of mortar types are available, ranging in strength depending on the mix ratio, with stronger mortars containing a higher proportion of cement. Mortars containing alternative binders are also available, including polymer cement and lime mortars.