Database of environmental flow coefficients for construction materials

2019-01-02T00:31:47Z (GMT) by Robert Crawford
This database of environmental flow coefficients has been compiled to assist in the quantification of embodied (indirect) flows associated with construction projects. Coefficients have been produced for the following flows:

- energy
- water
- waste
- greenhouse gas emissions
- land
- material resources

The coefficients represent the quantity of a certain flow (e.g. energy) associated with (or embodied in) the production of a certain material (i.e. also known as a material's embodied enegy in this case).

Coefficients can be multiplied by available material quantities extracted as part of a bill of materials to determine the embodied flows for a particular construction project.

These coefficients have been compiled using a path exchange hybrid approach, utilising best available process and input-output data. Further details about their compilation can be found in the associated report.

Latest database and report will be uploaded shortly.