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C: communing, collaborating, and common worlding

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posted on 2023-11-02, 01:30 authored by Angela Molloy MurphyAngela Molloy Murphy

In the first image, a night fairy tells a beetle their fortune in an “underground” mole hole for an immersive theatre experience at The Secret Underground: A Glow World Experience. The children are dressed in costumes of their own making for the public opening of the exhibit. Their playful production can be seen as speculative fabulation, “storytelling and fact telling; it is the patterning of possible worlds and possible times, material-semiotic worlds, gone, here, and yet to come." (Haraway, 2016, p. 31).  

The second image is a Hexbug Ouija board created by children in an early childhood setting. The Hexbugs wind their way across the board to respond to questions posed to them by a querent. The questions might be about the Hexbugs themselves, as with the art-bot asked about their gender, or about unknowns in the world and what is to come.  

The third image is from the exhibit The Secret Underground: A Glow World Experience, where young children were invited to experiment with reuse materials from Inventing Remida Portland Project and digital projectors as a way of communing with discards. 


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