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Altered Outer Retinal Structure, Electrophysiology and Visual Perception in Parkinson’s Disease Study Dataset

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This dataset is from a pilot cross-sectional study where we considered whether clinically implementable measures targeting outer retinal function and structure can differentiate Parkinson's disease (PD) from healthy ageing in a similar manner to previously reported inner retinal outcomes. As a proof of principle, we also considered whether outer retinal biomarkers are sensitive to patients’ standard intraday levodopa (L-DOPA) dosing regimen. Sixteen people with PD and 21 age-matched controls (aged 41-85 years) participated in this study. Centre-surround perceptual contrast suppression, macular visual field sensitivity, colour discrimination, light-adapted electroretinography and optical coherence tomography were tested. Electroretinography and optical coherence tomography were conducted twice during the visit: before and after a midday L-DOPA dose for PD participants, or repeated after approximately two hours for control participants.


Multimodal retinal imaging provides "insight" into cerebrovascular ageing

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