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posted on 2023-10-31, 10:21 authored by Angela Molloy MurphyAngela Molloy Murphy

The images in this triad are from the 2022 Friends of the Secret Underground (Molloy Murphy, 2022) production, The Secret Underground: A Glow World Experience. Image one shows three collective members painting the stem of a giant glowing mushroom to be shown under blacklights in a favourite area of the exhibit, the mushroom zone. 

The second image is of a child holding a slug she found while working/playing at the exhibit site. A foundational premise of the exhibit was that the earth itself is alive and teeming with significant agential beings, both seen and unseen (Molloy Murphy, 2022). 

The final image is of a child-beetle, a persona conceived of by a young collective member. In their glowing costume, the child-beetle scuttled around the exhibit at people’s feet, enacting the collective vision of a vibrant living world revealing itself as animate and larger than life to make exhibitgoers reconsider their relationship with/in the world. The explicitly activist aims of FOSU are best represented in this image. 


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