Public benchmark dataset for Conformance Checking in Process Mining

2019-10-22T06:07:59Z (GMT) by Daniel Reissner
This dataset contains a variety of publicly available real-life event logs. We derived two types of Petri nets for each event log with two state-of-the-art process miners : Inductive Miner (IM) and Split Miner (SM). Each event log-Petri net pair is intended for evaluating the scalability of existing conformance checking techniques.We used this data-set to evaluate the scalability of the S-Component approach for measuring fitness. The dataset contains tables of descriptive statistics of both process models and event logs. In addition, this dataset includes the results in terms of time performance measured in milliseconds for several approaches for both multi-threaded and single-threaded executions. Last, the dataset contains a cost-comparison of different approaches and reports on the degree of over-approximation of the S-Components approach.